Sunday, November 7, 2010

Little black shoe?

We all need shoes, aspecially this fall, but why settle for a plain pair of ugg’s when you also can wear high heels and all kinds of nice and feminine shoe-wear.
For those of you who would like something different rather than your knock off uggs I selected a few pairs of shoes which I absolutly love! These black heels are your must have. They all go with allmost anything.

The one at the beginning is my favorite for this fall, it's from Invito and cost 80 euro's.

For prices and sizes just click on the images.
Stud EUR 47,95, Nelly  Shoes - NELLY.COM Matsumoto 3 EUR 46,95, Nelly  Shoes - NELLY.COM Niska EUR 41,95, Nelly  Shoes - NELLY.COM Leolina EUR 48,95, Nelly  Shoes - NELLY.COM

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