Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sell His Stuf

It's done. After months of loving, hugging and a lot of presents your boy (or girlfriend) dumped you. They left you with only their stuff and some bittersweet memories. Want to get writ of the presents, the tokens of love, the cheesy birthday presents he (or she) gave you before the nasty break up? 

Well just sell your stuff! Where? On this site I found. It's called and even tough the site is called ex-boyfriend jewellery you can sell more than only jewellery on the website. For instance, did he give you a teddy bear you now absolutely hate because it smells like him and your little sister don't want to have it either because it freaks her out, now you can sell it online. Hope it will at least bring some cash back it to your life you desperately need to do some serous shop therapy.

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