Tuesday, March 1, 2011

1st march of 2011

Today was such a boring day. All I had was school, yet I felt so exhausted. Not sure why. Might be a combination of the typically awful Dutch weather and the sudden realization that we have to wait a considerable while for Summer to arrive. Still, it’s not all bad. Climatologists consider today the first day of Spring, but if you ask anyone else if they feel Spring is in the air? Forget it.. Outside, there’s nothing but grey clouds and an even greyer sky. Not to mention tons of fashion victims who wear fake ugg(ly)’s, their faces painted orange with foundation, like they’re a Native American tribe on the warpath. And don’t get me started on those who shamelessly abuse the Lauren Conrad hair style by braiding the braids way too tight into their equally fake blonde hair. Despite all of this, I still have high hopes for the coming Summer. For now, I’ll try and entertain myself and you by finding and posting lovely photos and inspiring sets of clothes on this blog. 

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