Thursday, March 3, 2011

Gaga for Mugler

No, lady gaga isn’t pursuing another  career in her already way to crazy life, the pop icon and music sensation gave  acte de presance at the Paris Fashion Week, walking in a fashion show for the fashion house Mugler. Lady gaga rocked the runway by wearing killer heels and very Avant-Garde outfits, letting everybody believe that she was born for the runway.  Even though she only had 2 sets, all attention was focused on the super star as she made her runway debut.

The superstar participated on the fashion show mainly because her stylist Nicolas Formichetti, is now creative director at Mugler. As gaga said:“I love him, my friend the genius, my collaborator, more than any piece of clothing or closet I possess,” Gaga said. “But don’t tell him I said that. He picked them all out!” 

Not only did she walked in the show, lady gaga also provided exclusive music from her second (not yet released) album born this way. The music was a mix of lady gaga’s new single “Born this way” and two not yet released songs  “Government hooker” and “Scheiße. Because both songs were mixed we will have to wait until the album is released. 
Want to see the show for yourself? Take a look at a clip from the fashion show below.

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