Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Before I go on I want to say that I’m so sorry for the loss of Japan. I am really devastated by the situation right now in Japan and I want us all to pray for Japan.

As again another day passes Japan still is fighting against water, leaking nuclear radiation and earthquakes,  the best thing we can do is help them the best we can and just pray for the safety of the people who are out there that need help.

Before the terrible crisis in Japan I have to say I did not realise how quickly everything can change. I didn’t understand that you may have a plan in you head but IF it doesn’t work out as planned, what are you going to do next?

For me it was an eye-opener. I rented the movie Eat Pray Love earlier that week. As if it was faith the Japan crisis was the day before. And the day after the start of the crisis I watched the movie. The movie was really beautiful and made me think. The message of the movie is that you will have to forgive and accept yourself and others in order to move forwards in your life. Hatred, anger, jealousy and envy cost so much energy, why waist all that energy on those things when you also can use the same energy to do good?

While thinking that I decide to work further on my future and me as an person and where I stand. I want to make (as a lot of us want) something of my life and while doing that spread a positive message. The first step for me is to spread a little joy in the world. As the title said: sparkle. Instead of thinking bad about yourself  or someone else, just smile or think about something/someone that you like, love or just makes you feel great and makes you sparkle. Even though you are in an terrible place right now and you lost everything, don’t lose you, who you are and your hope. Just sparkle, because you are beautiful.

My way of sending you a little sparkle is by sending you this picture of a cookie. Not because I am addicted to cookies (maybe I am? But who cares!) but because of the colours on them they are all different but all beautiful and equal to each other living in the same place. That is my dream for you and the whole world. Sparkle earth.

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