Sunday, October 30, 2011

Lana del Rey Fake?

Here is the thing. This new artist from New York that goes by the name Lana del Rey suddenly appeared all around the internet with her nostalgic indie like songs that gained her videos  almost 8 million views today on YouTube. The story as told about her is that she supposable lived in a trailer park  and is making the American dream come true by posting songs online and trying to break true to mainstream.
The only sticky detail about her is that everything about her does seem to be a pre planned, over financed produced story, made up by her label Interscope Records. The same label that also signed Lady Gaga.  The real story around Lizzy Grant as she originally  is called, is in fact a lot less romantic as it seems. The daughter of multi billionaire Rob Grant tried to break through a while ago in 2007 but that didn’t quite work out. After disappearing for a while she recently  came back with new fuller lips, new songs and a whole new image.

The silly thing about this wholly story is that she is talented, her songs really sound amazing and her styling is impeccable. Her 3 recently released songs, Video Game, Kill Kill and Blue Jeans are ear soothing.  They sound nostalgic and make you crave Amy Winehouse and the old days. The Video Clips made for the songs Blue Jeans and Video Game are made to make you believe that they were shot at home mixed with some old clip mixed through them. Every thing seems indeed to be too good to be true but does make her music bad? I don’t think so. She is an excellent example of branding. She looks great and has everything in her to be a new style icon in the music industry.That her story isn’t true is a bit disappoint but she did convince me that she can make great music.

Here her debut music videos. The first one is Video Games (that I really absolutely love) and the second one is Blue Jeans. 

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