Sunday, October 9, 2011

Spring/Summer 2012 Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton spring/summer 2012
Also this time we were treated on very interesting silhouettes and craziness from Louis Vuitton spring/summer show, proofing Marc Jacobs still has it.  Our proteinbars -addicted-one of a kind  mister Jacobs himself showed to the world  his SS2012 collection proofing that he doesn’t take fat-making-silhouettes  or what most people call ugly for a no.

The common thread in this collection were the exaggerated quite bulky silhouettes and the very refined and very delicate floral laces and floral motives on the other hand. With this collection Louis Vuitton is introducing us to the 60’s/ 70’s and reintroducing the color white as thé color for the summer.
What did we learn from this collection? Like the D&G show showed us earlier this year,  your grandmothers self-made laces and floral dresses are hot! Just try to incorporate some of the outrageous floral or lace prints in to your everyday look to get that womanly feel. Also don’t (yet) trough your (fake) leather jacket away. For next summer you can bleach or die it lighter to be up to date again. 

Here some of my favorite bags from the show.

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