Sunday, November 20, 2011

Fashion with Albinism

I came across beautifull pictures from Shaun Ross in I-D magazine. Shaun is an afro amarican model that has albinism. I was really impressed by the pictures and decided to google him. After fiending out that he is the only male model these days that has Albinism I was even more exited to know more about him.
Pictures from
Besides getting to know that he has done a lot of modeling work for Givanchy, Blend, Another Magazine and played a prominent role in Katy Perry's - ET music video, I came across a youtube video of him on the Tyra show. In the clip the talks about how he had to deal with a lot of negavtivity growing up.

The story of shaun I think is very inspiring and the pictures are amazing! So here are a few pictures of him.
Pictures from Schön Magazine

By They Pham

From Another Man Magazine

All Pictures from


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