Wednesday, December 7, 2011

muse of the week: I blame Coco

I came across Coco summer in an april issue of ELLE. I first didn’t really noticed her because I thought she was just a model, but in fact the boyish looking stunning brunet is a lot more.

Eliot Coco Paulina Summer is the frond singer of  I blame coco. The daughter of Police front man sting and Trudie styler is trying to make her way in to the music industry.  With her low voice, androgynous look and original songs, the young eliot managed to get a record deal  with Island Records when she was just 17 years old. Unfortunately she had to give up that deal  because of a accident she had causing her to loose some of her scent abilities.  
After recovery Coco was back in the game and teamed up to form  I blame coco. The part time model, actress and performer is now making her way in the music industry hoping to be as popular as her dad was one day.

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