Thursday, December 8, 2011

too sexy for my sweater

You might think these sweaters are real, but the’re not.
 These sweaters are from a website r by 2 men who really do know how to work with photoshopping. They have filled a intire website with photoshopped sweaters. The photo-shopped sweaters variate from prints, unichorns up to metal.  The photoshopped sweaters are really popular all over the internet and many people have tried to copy the guys. 

The guys now have so much request to really print the sweaters that they are seriously investigating the possibility to have the insane photoshop work printed. Although the cost to do such thing isn’t cheap and there for will probably make the sweaters really expansive, I hope it will work out and sooner or later the world can purchase an sexy sweater.

Pictures from and 

she had blue skin,
and so did he.
he kept it hid
and so did she.
they searched for blue
their whole life through,
then passed right by—
and never knew.

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  1. Oh my God I've been searching these original sexy sweaters so long and now i found them, I want them all