Monday, July 16, 2012

Preview // Just another blue moment

So another week has gone by without me posting that much, so excuse me for that. Also some people asked me why I wasn't posting outfit posts this week. To answer your question: In the place where I live the weather at the moment is really not feeling summer, so in stead we are getting the fall menu. So rain for breakfast, lunch and dinner it is at the moment.

But luckily I found some time in between rain sessions, to shoot this little outfit post that will be online tomorrow!
Meanwhile you can lure at this preview picture, or listen to the 4 songs from Maria and the Diamonds new Album Electra Heart (just after 'the click and read more break') that I specially selected for you guys! Hope you like it!

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  1. Love these videos and it's a great detail. Those shoes are very pretty.

  2. Sorry to hear your not having much luck with the weather,the weather is awful in the UK too,just rain 24/7 you'd never even think it was summer :D

    Loving your choice of videos,Marina's style is gorgeous,loving her retro styled hair at the mo x

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog again and for your lovely comment.

  3. Want to see the new outfit post... and good luck with the weather :(

    And thanks for posting Marina & the diamons video, I like her retro style!

  4. Thankyuu voor je reactie(s)! Dat roze blousje was echt 'nodig', ik heb zo weinig felle kleuren in mijn kast!
    Je outfit preview voorpselt veel goeds, heeele leuke combi vindt ik dat altijd: bootschoenen met omgeslagen pijpen!
    Love, Demi

  5. Love your blog! Really great!
    Blijf zo doorgaan ;)

  6. great shoes :)

  7. Nice to see some male fashion
    thanks you for commenting !

    let's follow each other on facebook and bloglovin !



    Elegantesque Blog


  8. Leuke blog heb je!
    & I love Marina and the diamonds.

  9. love those shoes they are absolutely perfect for summer laid back looks.

  10. amazing photos , your shoes are to die for!