Thursday, August 9, 2012

Event // Living Fashion

Here is the first Part of my post of Antwerp's Museum Night. I visited the MOMU museum that had an exposition about the fashion of the 19th century. This may come as a shocking post after yesterday's minimalistic post, but yes I am taking you back to the 19th century. The time that Napoleon was trying to take-over the world, Europe's population doubled to an staggering 400 million people and Slavery was getting reduced (Thank god!).What I like about this era is that people were really putting afford in to their everyday wear. As a nation people really tried to look their best and wear something interesting. A small example is this hat (that you will see later on in this post) with a stuffed animal on top of it. I hope you enjoy it!

In the 19th century, the growing social importance of the middle classes brought a new group of wealthy citizens who wanted to show off their status through their clothing and behaviour. Travelling, sports, walking and shopping became new forms of passing leisure time, all requiring specific apparel.  Taking part in 'high fashion' increasingly became a must for an ever-growing group of consumers, but these women did not simply let themselves be dictated by fashion. They also helped form fashion through their own changing customs and living habits. As they still do today, consumers were frugal and creative with ever-changing fashions. Re-using fabrics was perfectly normal, even for the upper classes. On the basis of historical silhouettes from the extensive apparel collection of Jacoba de Jonge, now almost entirely incorporated in the MoMu collection, we sketch a picture of the relationship between the fashion ideals of the day and the clothing that people were actually wearing. [from]
This what I was wearing that night, I was making my way to the masked ball. More about that in my next post!
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  1. Beautiful, I love the pheasant hat.

  2. Zo leuk om te zien Chris! Zo grappig dat ze altijd zo'n volle rok droegen.
    Liefssss Bo

  3. It's a great and very interesting post. Lovely dresses and hats.

  4. heel leuk dat je langs antwerpen bent geweest voor de museum nacht. Het is zeker waar dat mensen vroeger veel meer aandacht besteedde aan hun kleding.natuurlijk heb je nu ook een grote groep die dat doet maar het is anders. super lief dat je me wil laten weten over de bracelets. looking forward


  5. this looks beautiful! Thanks for the interesting post!

  6. Lijkt me een leuke expositie!


  7. very nice dressed

    you have a new gfc here your are mi blog if you like i'll invite you to follow me

  8. I visited there for xmas one year.lovely

  9. wow such A NICE ATMOSPHERE!!! :)))