Thursday, September 6, 2012

Monochrome Week // Fun and Now

 Seems nowadays the society is getting obsessed with ageMe (now an 18 y/o) fiend myself very happy with the age I have reached. I fiend myself at a point in life where I can now vote , drive a car, drink alcohol containing beverages (yeah.. like I didn't do that before..)for the very first time in my life. All the things I couldn't do a year ago. It seems like younger people want to be older to do all those things they are not able to do because of their age, while older people are obsessing with youth and anti-aging. I won't bore you with my point of view on aging, but I do want to say that we should all rather focus on the now.

 For this shoot we wanted to capture the now of that moment, feeling young, having fun and dressing up to make some fun monochrome inspired pictures. Just really enjoying the moment. When you live in the futur or in the past, you don't really get to appreciate and embrace the now. 
Like Sigmund Freud said: If youth knew; if age could.  
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  1. WAUW. Echt heel gaaf al deze foto's,
    super leuk gedaan.


  2. We're both eighteen! Love this shoot! I am in no rush to get older.

    I liked your Facebook page! Please like mine. I just got it started


  3. Love this shoot! You had a really great idea!

    Pablo from

  4. cool!! you are right.. we should act appropriately for our own age.. no need to rush! :D


    - Justin -
    The World According To Me

  5. Always need to be reminded to be here, now. THANK U