Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Campaign // GIVE BLOOD by Blue Blood

Recently Blue Blood, the Amsterdam based denim and fashion brand, launched it's GIVE BLOOD' campaign to help raise awareness of the importance of blood donation. The 'GIVE BLOOD' campaign basically means you can buy a pair of 'DRY GOODS' jeans and once worn-in over a period of time you donate the unwashed jeans back at Blue Blood in return for a new pair.

You must have worn-in the jean for a minimum of six months and a maximum of ten months.
Each returned pair of jeans is assessed at the creative studio of Blue Blood and the most
outstanding pieces will be dry cleaned, repaired if necessary, and then repackaged. They then
will be sold in the Blue Blood stores via the ‘BLUE BLOOD BANK'.
This in my opinion very smart and fun way to raise awareness for blood donation and a more Eco-friendly way of re-using jeans without getting rid of them gives others the opportunity
to buy a one off a kind, worn-in pair of 'DRY GOODS' denim. The profits from the
BLUE BLOOD BANK sales will be donated to the International Committee Of The Red Cross. 

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  1. Love this outfit and those jeans are so great and looks very comfortable.

  2. Wat een gaaf idee!

    Ik zou zelf ook wel graag bloed willen doneren, maar ik heb iets met mijn bloeddruk.
    Die is heel laag en ik word soms ook uit het niets heel duizelig. En als ik bloed laat prikken bij de doktor word ik ook al duizelig na een paar buisjes, dus een halve liter gaat dan vast niet goed bij mij :p

    Will you please vote for me in the Esprit Style Battle!

  3. Love the campaing! Nice post Chris, pretty jeans.

    xoxo BO

  4. Love the whole look and the attitude about it!

  5. lurv it, looks cool.

  6. Such a great initiative from Blue Blood. I just sometime think about, Why the brands need to think something difficult to involve in a charity. Isn't it better if you just do it, with no big high cost campaigns, no huge press releases but then public find it out and it's become big.
    Nowadays marketing is quite complex, doing to much campaign for a charity will made people think "Ah that tricks again to earn some extra dollars, just give that campaign money directly to the charity!" or something like that.
    - just a small thought from a communication student -

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