Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Update // I'm in Istanbul

As you might have guessed from the title or from the photo, I am in Istanbul Turkey at the moment. Yes yes, very exciting since this is the first time I am visiting Turkey. Right now I am enjoying weather since it's really nice weather for fall and at the same time trying to absorb as many impressions from Istanbul as I can while taking pictures. Did you know the city has around 18 million citizens? It's also the only city in the world that lays inbetween 2 continents? The city is divided into the Azian side and Europese side by a river called Bosporus. It's a city filled with history and culture. Enough for me to take loads of pictures for you to enjoy! Posts about Istanbull will be online soon when I am back in Holland. See you guys soon!
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  1. I have been to Turkey twice :) Istanbul is amazing! You are lucky that you are there now xD


  2. Have a great trip!! Itá always good to travel!

  3. super leuk, veel plezier! ik was van de zomer in turkije vond het heerlijk daar!


  4. Veel plezier in Instanbul, ben benieuwd naar foto's!

  5. Heel veel plezier lieffie,
    ik kijk uit naar de foto's :)

  6. I like your blog!

    Let's follow eachother if you like,
    let me know when you did
    I always follow back!