Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Video // Power to Generation M

What do you get when you ask five talented people to show their take on a traditional photographic style? Five completely different videos, with each their own unique style.

In this video Andy Torres from did a collaboration with Canon in which she had to reinterpret traditional still life photography. As a fellow blogger and photography enthusiast I felt a sense of pride when I saw Andy's search to capture her reinterpret traditional still life. As no other I understand which trouble to go through capturing the 'perfect moment' in photography.
I like how Andy, in this video, shares her love for photography combined with her other big love, fashion. Curious to see more videos from the Generation M campaign? There are more videos on


  1. Loved this video! It is so inspiring! Really! I love seeing documentaries of how other people 'make things happen', because so often people think that arts in general are a linear process, when in fact you have to absorb inspiration from everything that is surrounding you and use it the right way, otherwise people will look at it as just another piece of art/publicity/design in the world and not be inspired by it.
    This idea of Canon is really cool!

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  2. gaaf , had al wel een poster van haar langs de weg gezien maar een filmpje is 10 x leuker !

  3. Ik had het filmpje al eerder gezien, super inspirerend!

  4. Oh I love Andy! But then again... who doesn't?

  5. Ik had de filmpje al eerder gezien, echt heel tof. Andy is a lovely!