Thursday, February 28, 2013

Outfit // You're a good man, Charlie Brown

As I expressed in my previous post, I openly fantasized about the perfect outfit, something you could wear any time and any where, something that works for you. Now I know, this outfit doesn't exist, but we can try to fiend the perfect accessories, because we all know that accessories can make a good outfit great and even transform your look from clueless to Fashionable in no time.

As you may know from previous posts, I am a big fan of clutches. Especially for men. I know most of the time they are not practical but those stylish accessories charm me each and every time. As an owner of a few clutches myself I can say they are a lot of fun to play around with.
Though I have to confess that I noticed another accessory is drawing my attention lately. I have always preferred bows over ties, but I didn't noticed how much of a bow lover I was until I found myself buying five bows in one week, without a specific reason.... Luckily my hunger to buy as much bows as possible disappeared as quick as snow did here in Holland, leaving me behind with new accessories to play around with.

Vintage Faux Fur // Leather jacket from Vögle // Navy Blue Rib Shirt from Sans-Online  (similar on here)// Brown Bow  from H&M // Black Trousers from H&M (similar ones here)// Monki Clutch // Vintage black Boots (similar ones here) // Cheap Monday Silver Ring // River Island Silver/Aqua Ring


  1. Superleuke outfit!

    Je ziet er echt knuffelbaar uit :p


  2. Deze look is zo leuk Chris!! Love every piece and more bow ties pleaseee; die vind ik heel leuk bij je staan :)

  3. wat zie je er weer opentop uits chat! XX

  4. O my, absolutely adore this outfit. Mooi! Xx

  5. the bow tie's cute. i love the color.

  6. Weer een super leuke outfit!! <3

    Mag ik je om een gunst vragen? Ik doe mee aan een fashion battle die ik echt super graag wilt winnen. Zou je AUB op mij willen stemmen? dat zou ik waarderen. Het zijn 5 links, maar op mij blog worden ze allemaal weergegeven. Het is echt maar 5 seconde werk en dan help je een medeblogeer uit de brand :). Daarnaast geeft ik ook 2 kaartjes weg voor het event Webshop Till You Drop.


  7. OMG work it boy! Love you jacket and adore the rings! You look FIERCE!

  8. Love so much your blog ! Nothing to say, i saw ur street style nothing to say too !

    I follow u