Monday, February 25, 2013

Show // Marga Weimans

The Marga Weimans show during fashion week was quite a surprise. The final shows on Amsterdam Fashion Week are mostly spectacular. The 'Body Archieve' show by talented Marga wasn't an exception closing the 18th edition of Amsterdam Fashion Week. With her 'Body Archieve' collection, Marga was inspired by DNA. As Marga Expresses: "DNA is how you really are, what you truly believe and what your unique shape is."  Weimans -who graduated at Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts as a fashion designer and won the i-D prize award in 2005 for her graduation collection The Power Of My Dreams- is always trying to fade the line between fashion and architecture. The collection was like we are used from Meimans, a mix between 'haute couture' and 'pret a porter', showing graphic designs and prints.

The show stopper was her bodycon design with 'Augmented Reality' technology. The technology allows designers to produce a "hyper fabric'. A fabric that isn't physical, but a kind of 'cyber fabric' that is only visible through a smartphone or tablet. Once you aim a smartphone or tablet on the dress, the DNA pattern on the dress will come to life.
I must admit, some pieces from the collection are definitely conceptual, not something you would want to wear everyday. That's OK, though, because there are plenty of fashion victims dying to wear these unique designs.

Images by Team Peter Stigter 
Special thanks to Spice PR.


  1. I do like designers that can find that delicate balance between haute couture and wearability.
    Thanks for dropping by on my blog,

  2. Hele leuke show Chris, leuke speelse designs.

    LOVE BO,

  3. Wauw dit ziet er wel echt spectaculair uit! X

  4. Amazing show but i dont like hahaha


  5. gracias por pasar por mi blog! :)

  6. Wow I have not seen anything like this in ages! I love it! It's very inspired! It would be difficult to make it work for everyday style, I agree, but I guess the old pairing it with some basics might do the trick! For me, the bolder the better!

  7. What a crazy, powerful and stunning show! Thank's for sharing this pics with us <3 .... Kisses from Vienna, Katja