Saturday, March 9, 2013

Inspiration // Fun Mother’s Day gift ideas

Image: Interview magazine: 'The Art of Shopping', photographed by Mikael Jansson
We all like to show the mothers in our lives a little appreciation every now and then. And with Mother’s Day just around the corner, now is the time to get planning the ideal gift. It doesn’t matter if you can’t be with your mum on the day, there are still plenty of special gifts you can give to show her how much she means to you.
If you’re wary of getting the same thing every year – a bouquet of flowers or a standard box of chocolates – now’s the time to get something a bit different with the help of the internet. 

There's a wealth of possibilities for Mother’s Day gifts which get sent by post. Hampers are great as long-distance gifts. A candle hamper is an interesting alternative to the traditional food hamper, especially if your mum enjoys the soft light and fragrances of scented candles.
Image: Carina Nebula from
If you want to give your mother something to last her a lifetime, why not name a star after her? Your mum will receive a gift box containing a certificate with the chosen name and the star’s location on it. The star’s name can be registered in the Intergalactic Star Database.

A fantastic gift for mums who love music is a custom-made CD. Make one yourself or get one done professionally so that you can fully customise the cover and choose a selection of her favourite songs.

If you fancy giving your mum a really luxurious day, there are loads of spa collection gift sets and indulgent chocolate selections online. Not all gifts have to be bought, however – and cooking up a treat for her yourself can actually be even more special. There’s a great list of Mother’s Day recipes here, but if you’re feeling brave you could try and come up with your own!
Image: Interview magazine: 'The Art of Shopping', photographed by Mikael Jansson
Such are the wonders of the internet that there are all these and a wide selection of other Mother’s Day gift ideas at ready to be delivered for the special day, so that even if you can’t be there, at least your present can.


  1. Ahw dat picknick mandje vol cadeautjes ziet er heel lief uit :) Lijkt me ook leuk om voor m'n mama te doen, kan ik nu alvast beginnen met cadeautjes verzamelen hihi! xoxoxo

    1. Ben blij dat ik je heb kunnen inspireren!

  2. Wat een leuke inspiratie! Lijkt me erg leuk om zo een volle band met allemaal lekkere dingen aan me moeder te geven, dat heeft ze zeker weten verdiend!

  3. Zo'n ster is eigenlijk wel heel tof haha

  4. i guess it's never too early to plan. i honestly don't think about it until it's late :)