Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Personal // I moved to Amsterdam

Photo by Bodil 
After a couple of hectic days I have finally found my way back home to the internet! As you may have understood from the title, I have finally moved back to Amsterdam! Can't believe I would be living in Amsterdam that quickly. I also recently started working at my new job and also had some stressful deadlines for school. So I had lot's of things to take care of for my new start in Amsterdam. But how cool is it that I am back in Amsterdam huh? I have always been in love with this city and I can't wait to rediscover this amazing city again. It feels like I am starting from scratch again, creating a new exiting life for myself. I can't wait to take you guys with me on my new Amsterdam adventure!


  1. Jaaaaaaa, super Chrissie, congratulations :)! Ik kom snel een keertje langs, gaan we ook weer zo lekker lunchen; ben er vorige week toevallig weer geweest hihi zo'n goed adresje! Dikke kus

  2. neat photography man, glad you are back
    xx Domenic

  3. Aaaah. I miss Amsterdam! Looking forward to share in your adventure, virtually :)

  4. Awesome! Ben gek op Amsterdam, zo'n mooie maar vooral gezellige stad.

  5. Wat leuk zeg!