Friday, March 1, 2013

Video // behind the scenes: iNDiViDUALS

I recently discovered this documentary about the making of Element by iNDiViDUALS. The documentary shows the story of the students, teachers that are Individuals and had the honor to Open the show during Opening Night of Amsterdam Fashion Week. This documentary is part of Firestarters Files, a series created by Vodafone Firestarters and gives you a unique look behind the scenes of iNDiViDUALS. 
Though I am still upset I couldn't go to the actual Individuals show during fashion week, I was very proud to see that my fellow school colleagues accomplished that night and really rocked. This video shows you the hard work, fun and effort that went in to making the collection. Hopefully that will be me in the Individuals project next year. Enjoy!


  1. Geweldige video Chris, erg leuk om te zien hoe dat allemaal verloopt op het AMFI en de show was super. iNDiViDUALS verdient het zeker om internationaal te mogen gaan :)

    Liefsss Bo

  2. Burn baby burn.. you are on fire!

    xx Domenic

  3. It's so easy to forget all the hard work that goes into making clothes! So congratulations to everyone that was involved ^.^