Thursday, April 4, 2013

Accessories // Let's talk watches

As you might remember from my previous post here I am falling in love with silver watches at the moment. Being a self-claimed sucker for gold, I even surprised myself by this recent change in taste.
I was never someone who would wear a lot of accessories because I thought they were too heavy and would restrain me somehow. It wasn't until I began wearing rings that I also felt comfortable wearing watches ass well. One of the first watches I started wearing was surprisingly a black one. Soon a brown gold colored watch followed and now I am wearing silver ones ass well. Since silver watches are a fairly new thing for me and therefore quite interesting to explore I decided to select three silver watches from Guess matching my silver sporty watch that I own at the moment and I really like.
Which one is your favorite?

Watches from the Guess Sporty Collection


  1. Yes! These are nice!


  2. These watches are great! Love them all. Every man needs a good watch :)