Monday, April 15, 2013

Win // Iphone Case Giveaway

Whether on the street, during lunch or outside of Paris, Milan or New York Fashion Week… people are married to their phones. Considering the amount of close, personal time we spend with our device, it’s only logical we’d want to personalize ├índ accessorize our little digital prize. But only real fashion addicts feel the need to decorate and personalize. After applying unique touches to anything ranging from outfits to jewellery and home Jacuzzis… can cell phones be far behind?
The best way to quickly ensure your cellphone is up with the times is by picking a trendy phone case. A mobile doesn’t have to be a bland, standard device… it’s up to you to make it your own… and alternating phone cases ensure an easy swap depending on the latest fashion, pop idols, music or even your latest outfit!

Cases Used: Muvit Retro Silicon caseSwitchEasy Avant Garde Hardcase Plank WhiteGriffin Animal Parade Koala Gray

Thanks to… One of you lucky bastards gets to pick one of these three displayed Iphone cases. The first 2 cases are for the Iphone 4 or 4s, while the last one has the Iphone 5 size.
Disclaimers: This giveaway is for DUTCH residents ONLY.The winner will be chosen at random and is contacted by the 22nd of April.
So here is how you can win.
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Good Luck!


  1. Ik doe zeker mee! De 2de is zo gaaf. :)

  2. Die zijn leuk! Jammer dat ik geen iPhone heb haha. Succes iedereen die wel meedoet!

  3. so sad this giveaway is not internation. I LOVE iphone cases so much

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  4. Awwwh dat Koala hoesje is geweldig!!
    Ik doe zeker mee :)


  5. Christian!! :) Joining this awesome giveaway of yours. Too cute. :) Hope you're doing great!

  6. awh watis die koala lief, maar helaas heb ik alleen een iphone 4s. Dus ik zou zeker de 1e pakken. Leuke actie Christian! (:

  7. amazing, shame it's not international, would have loved a new iphone cover!!!

  8. Ik heb geen iPhone, dus ik sla hem over..