Monday, May 6, 2013

NEW IN | Filling Pieces Low Top Pony

Let's talks shoes again. As a high top fanatic, it's hard to understand that I own a low top pair of sneakers at the moment. The idea of me wearing low top sneakers, used to sound as crazy as Anna Dello Russo going casual to a Fashion Week but with everything in live, you can never expect what's next and before I even fully processed it, the impossible had become possible.... I owned a Low Top Pony haired pair of sneakers.
The shoes I got are from Filling Pieces, a young and promising sneaker brand, based in Amsterdam. The brand aims to fills the gap between Haute Couture and Street Couture in shoe wear (More about Filling Pieces soon on the blog).
I am very exited to play around with these shoes and see if I can get inspired by them to restyle my wardrobe. Luckily black pony hair goes great with a lot of things so new stylish looks are on their way! Before you ask, there were NO Pony's killed during the making of these shoes. So what do you guys think?


  1. Ze zijn heel gaaf Chris, bij deze vind ik het juist mooi dat ze zo laag zijn :)


  2. Perfect sneakers boy! xxx

  3. i couldnt wear them i would ruin them

  4. offt love these, I'm still impossibly addicted to all things pony skin from like three seasons ago! xx