Sunday, June 9, 2013

EVENT | Bloggers Event PUUR PR

Let’s talk Blogger Events. A couple of days ago PUUR PR, a dutch PR agency for fashion-, beauty and lifestyle brands, invited me over for their bloggers event in Amsterdam. Their homey decorated showroom, filled with several products from brand such as Fred de la Bretonière, ANECDOTE, AMATØR, Jennifer de Bruyckère and many more, welcomed me and 35 eager Bloggers for that day.'

I know that there are a lot of PR Agency’s and blogger events emerging recently, but for me the relatively young PUUR PR manages to stand out from the crowd online thanks to their genuine appreciation towards bloggers. As they expressed on the thank you gifts, proving that their warm and welcoming character is not limited to their showroom, expresses: "Good bloggers are hard to find, easy to love and impossible to forget".


  1. What a wonderful ocassion, man! I would like to assist to that kind of bloggers events. By the way, you took the best pictures!

  2. You're lucky you get such events organized, there are none (or at least close to none) where I'm from.:) And I love the line from their thank you note. It's very very true.:)

  3. Jaaaa gezellig dat je er was, thanks voor het mooie verslag! Tot snel weer! XX

  4. Wat een leuke foto's! :) Ik heb echt al een tijdje niet meer op je blog gekeken, zo stom! Ik ga maar snel weer even alles bijlezen! :) x Laura

  5. NIce event!! love your pictures :)
    I'm back, I've posted