Wednesday, June 12, 2013

EVENT | Launch

Let’s talk websites. A couple of days ago the website was festively launched. On a sunny day in Amsterdam, bio lovers, fair-trade believers and friends gathered to celebrate and be the first to see the new website. As your body is a temple I believe, one you should really take good care of, I was excited to see the birth of this new sustainability focused website. 

The site, founded by two young and energetic career women’s with a big passion for healthy products, has the mission to open up a conscious living to people with a busy lifestyle.
With a market decrease of 25%, the sustainable market is now a 2 bilion dollard industry in Holland, proofing that there is a big demand for a sustainable lifestyle and information about sustainability. Unfortunately, finding and selecting the right products still proofs to be quite the challenge for most of us who are bio-curious.
The website can be seen as your personal green Tarzan, leading you through the bio and fair-trade jungle in a fun and understandable way. A must visit for all of you who want to experiment with biological and fair-trade products. 


  1. Oh wat ziet dat er leuk uit zeg! Daar was ik echt graag bij geweest. Ik ben zelf ook bio-curious, dus ik ga die website maar eens goed bekijken. ;)

    x Sabine

  2. Wat een fijne site!