Friday, July 19, 2013

BRANDS | Cuckoos Nest Clothing

 Let’s talk brands. While looking for some cool summer apparel online, which is a lot of fun to since the sale has been running for a couple of weeks now and most of the online (and even offline) shops are offering quite a nice sale. After a search for some fun tee’s to go along with a couple of shorts I bout a couple of days ago, I shortly stumbled upon Cuckoos Nest Clothing, an Urban brand based in the UK.
Here 3 items I really liked from their Spring/Summer collection.
Stones T-Shirt | Business man Sweater | Paradise 5 panel Cap 
I had never heard of the brand before, therefore seeing their graphic and playful shirts was quite a pleasant surprise. The prints used on the shirts and sweaters are very playful, young but most of all, aren’t taking things too serious. Something that really appealed to me after a long and exhausting fashion week.
What do you guys think of the brand? 


  1. cuckoo best describes this brand, but in a good way. i love the craziness of their t-shirts and the loudness of their shirts.

  2. OMG! Didn't know anything about this brand, but you woke up my attention! It's really amazing how they match textures and patterns!

  3. Nice patterns and textures I can see..I like branded apparel Augusta Sportswear is my favorite.

  4. Collection was nice!!
    I love it. This is really a great collection for summer with fab brand.
    Posted by: Alice| Cuckoos Nest Clothing