Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Inspiration | Food in Fashion

Let’s talk food in fashion. As someone who equally loves fashion and food, the latest trend in fashion for me came as an unexpected treat. Sure we have all seen the cherry’s on skirts and the cute little pineapples on Hawaii shirts, but recently brands are even applying junk food prints to designs.
I had already seen hamburger sweaters on several websites like Tumblr, Pinterest, Tumblr and some more Tumblr, but it came as a pleasant surprise seeing Italian menswear label Frankie Morello re-introducing the fast food prints into their latest collection. The fashion duo, Maurizio Modica and Pierfrancesco Gigliotti, known for dressing several celebrities and their standout design, presented their  quirky and food loving mens collection  during Milan Men’s Fashion Week. 
The unconventional Spring/Summer collection for men feels joyful, showing designs with unique prints on easy to wear garments. Next to the fun food prints the designers also worked with other fun prints, which in my opinion really elevated the designs.

Somehow the design duo managed to translate every fashion student’s nightly cravings into wearable and fun summer garments while at the same time highlighting an up-coming social trend.
As the designer expressed:  “what we eat has become a metaphor for the fashion industry, which needs more genuineness and naturalness, a slower pace, and a search for quality and pleasure.”

Although wearing a hamburger sweater is twice as fun without the calories, I sincerely doubt the idea that this will be a big hit and will make consumers more food conscious. As much as I would love it, I do wonder if this trend will continue... As desperate as I would love to see skinny teenagers walk around in fast food creations while eating carrots, I sincerely doubt the effect it will have in fashion and on consumers. Luckily the designs are fun enough to make you want to have them, even if it’s only to make your colleges/classmates jealous and hungry.
What are your thoughts? Is food in fashion a lasting trend? 


  1. Ik vind het wel wat hebben :)

  2. Yummy! stylish & delicious!!!

  3. Love the sushi jumper!!! OMG! :)

  4. haha, I'm such a huge fan of these kind of prints!

  5. Ik vind dit echt onwijs gaaf! Lekker opvallend. X

  6. Superleuk! Liefs, Anne

  7. WOW

    It inspired me to print some food pics on my shirt as well hehehe

    thank you for posting this :)

  8. the hamburger-sweaters are so fun!
    xx Stephanie (

  9. Het heeft wel wat!

    Tof dat ik eens een blog van een jongen tegenkom! Following you! XO

  10. Ik vind het tof, het heeft wel wat! Ik hou ook van mode en eten dus de perfecte combinatie :) zelf heb ik een keer een opdracht moeten doen op school met kleding ontwerpen met eten, het is toch lastiger als je denkt maar met inspiratie opdoen kwam ik de meeste toffe creaties tegen!

  11. Love the burger tee!