Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Outfit | Back to Black

Wearing: Tiger Dragon slayer Tiger tooth necklace | DC gold logo oversized  sweater in black| MTWTFSS Weekday oversized short in black | Filling Pieces Pony Hair sneakers in black 

Let’s talk sweaters. As some believe more is more, I took it upon myself to explore this arguable saying and experiment with volume. With oversized clothes being a big trend at the moment, I couldn’t find a better time in fashion to explore the world of volume. I decided to work with this black sweater I ordered on the other day and work my way around it. The sweater in my opinion was very skater like, oversized feeling like a big soft cloth that is hugging you, while at the same time appealing cool and edgy.

I decided to pair it with my oversized shorts, not only because I got bored with wearing skinny’s all the time, but the oversized shorts really complimented the sweater in a way that really appealed to me. Making it possible to even exaggerate the oversized silhouette even more.

I know it’s a lot of black to take in summer, but with all the whites ahead of us for summer, I thought a little black wouldn’t hurt. My question for you guys, what are your thoughts on oversized clothes?


  1. My friend! Black is such an amazing thing! I think you look great with this look, currently I felt in love with oversized clothes, so I adore your shorts!

    Best regards!

  2. Prachtige outfit Christian. <3 Welke lens/camera gebruik je?

  3. Heel leuke outfit, staat je goed! Ik vind dat oversized heel erg leuk kan zijn. Al denk ik dat ik momenteel flauw zou vallen, volledig in het zwart en met een dikke sweater aan ;) Maar inderdaad, we zullen wel nog genoeg wit zien verschijnen de komende weken.

    XO Imke

  4. Staat je erg goed! Leuke oufit!

  5. I actually wear a lot of oversized tops, wether it be tanks, sweatshirts or sweaters. Mostly because I'm not so into the whole "show off your muscles thing", plus I have a real soft spot for oversized cardigans. This trend is something Norway have been doing for years, mostly because we wear a lot of oversized knits. Don't think I will ever get tired of this one though.