Monday, July 8, 2013

STORES | Who's That Girl

Let’s talk stores. For me the excitement of a new discovery is an excitement that only few things in life can beat. Especially when I discover a new and exciting store. This time I stumbled upon Who’s That Girl, a colorful womanswear store located in the trendy 9 Straatjes. When I first entered the store I was warm greeted by the soft mirror lights, bright colors and friendly personal. With that in mind I can understand that people are drawn to take a look in the store. “I daily get people who discover the store for the first time” as the store manager expresses.
The journey for Who’s That Girl started in 2002 when a group of friends in Antwerp made a collection. After that many stores in Belgium and Germany followed, with recently adding Ghent and Amsterdam to the list of stores.
The store in Amsterdam, in line with the company style, is decorated in a funky retro style, using several styling elements from eras like the 50s, 60s and 70s not only in their fashion but by also applying them in the store decoration.
I really like how the store has a feel good, dress better spirit. I am a big supporter of feel good fashion. By buying clothes you love, you automatically value it more and keep it longer. Saving money, time and the environment.
I would recommend the store to (vintage loving) girls and women who feel good about themselves, want to express that in their fashion but not at any price. The original, vintage inspired designs, shop experience and affordable prices makes WTG stand out and easy to love. 

LOCATION| Reestraat 18, Amsterdam


  1. What a cute store!! Their signage alone would make me want to pop inside and see what's going on! :)
    HautePinkPretty's Beauty Tips & Secrets are out!

  2. What a lovely store. I'll definitely shop there when I'm in Amsterdam :)

    xxx Christine

  3. I could not enter the website, but I am sure they have fabulous clothes.

  4. Looks super fun and cute!
    Must visit once.

    XO Zoƫ

  5. Oh, dat vind ik leuk! Ik hoor sommige items al roepen. ;) Daar ga ik binnenkort zeker een kijkje nemen, bedankt voor de tip! :)