Saturday, August 3, 2013

EVENT | Goodbrandz Bloggers Event

Photo credits: My Dutch Fashion Style
Let´s talk events. I was happy to be invited to the bloggers event of Goodbrandz, a PR agency specialized in sustainable lifestyle and fashion brands, something I am very passionate about. So when I heard they were holding a press they, I couldn’t do anything else but going there and be introduced to several ‘good’ brands.
At Arrival I must admit I was impressed beyond my expectations. With several exciting lifestyle and fashion brands ahead of me we were given a quick tour around the several brands.  What I like most and something that really stood out for me is that every brand at Groodbrandz has it’s own (sustainable)  story and contributes to the world in its own unique way.
Therefore I will be whiting about some of the brands individually in a separate blogpost. In the mean time I selected the brands I liked most to show you guys. If there are any brands you see in between my selection of which you would like me to write more, just let me know. 
The incredible scented candles by WOO.
The stunning and feather light watches by WEWOOD.
The fun, ecologicly prossed leather bags by MYPAPERBAG.
The bright and cheerfull accesory's by a Beautiful Story.
Stunning red and blue heels by Guava Lab.
Very sophisticated yet trendy shoes for men by Guava.
The sustainable clothing line by RE BELLO.


  1. Hi there! I hope one day I can attend these kinds of events as a blogger, you're lucky to be there!

    I love that now wood is a material for fashion purposes! Obsessed with the watches!

  2. This looks like such a great event. I've seen those watches before and really love them! They are so different.

    Winston & Willow