Friday, August 30, 2013

NEW IN | Classic & Contemporary Kit

The unexpected things in life often are the most fun things you experience.
At arrival at home I found a big white box addressed to me, something what at first scared me, did I accidentally ordered that McQueen Jacket while I was day dreaming at work? Have I been sleep shopping again? SOON  That transformed to curiosity. Was it a gift from the fashion gods for all the hard work I have been doing this fashion season? Was it a gift from H&M for all those loyal years buying there? With all that in mind I quickly opened the box to discover that it was my prise from I had won the Classic & Contemporary Kit by Close Up and Private for Premium by Jack & Jones. A while ago I had entered the give-away and I was one of the lucky winners! What do you guys think of the kit? One of my favorite items from the kit is the cut off knit tie, I am planning on wearing that tie with several outfits, the possibility's within the kit seem to be endless. 
About the kit:
Sergei Sviatchenko, the Danish artist and blogger behind Close Up and Private, collaborated with Premium by Jack & Jones. He gives the modern man a well needed makeover with his new, limited edition capsule collection for , "The Rockrebel / Classic & Contemporary Kit".
Ignoring the cliché of ripped jeans, T-shirt and a leather biker jacket we tend to think of when we imagine a fashionable rock star, Sviatchenko provides a modern revolt into style. The rocker look he channelled is inspired by the mid-60s British Invasion-era, a period that revolutionised menswear.
This kit is a readymade rocker wardrobe, including a tab collar shirt in understated Tattersall check, navy blue wool trousers, a green full-knit cardigan, a brown leather belt, a knit tie in navy blue, a British Military inspired repp tie and ribbed socks.
These 7 items are like a collage of Sergei - all the pieces work well both individually and combined.
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  1. Omfg.I really like this Outifit.
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  2. Amazing surprise, you can make a lot of combinations with these pieces!