Saturday, August 17, 2013

VIDEO | Daily Paper x Filling Pieces 'Batik'

 You might know that feeling you have after you have spent way too much money (again) on clothing while you promised yourself to buy less and sudden realize you don’t like half of the items you bought. I certainly do and I think I found a video that while watching it, reminded me of that feeling again. The video is made as a look book video for the collaboration between Daily Paper and Filling Pieces, two Holland based brands that take urban wear seriously but more important, make it fashionable, while at the same time using elements from different African cultures. While the clothes shown in the video are far from a bad bargain and they made me want to but the complete look the guy was wearing, I couldn’t help being reminded to that feeling again. So let me know what you think of the clip, and if you can relate to the feeling I described earlier.


  1. Love the video! Ik vind het het concept en de collecties van filling pieces heel gaaf. I feel ya Chris, ik heb het niet zo zeer bij deze video maar dat komt waarschijnlijk omdat er geen vrouwenitems in voorkomen maar ik begrijp je volkomen haha.

    kisses & hugs

  2. Amazing video and great edition! And of course I know that feeling, bro! Don't worry!

  3. Wow amazing video!