Friday, April 25, 2014

CRAVING | Green Paper Boys Sweater

Image from GBP Facebook: AIM X GPB
Lately I have been obsessing over the “Hustle Hard”-sweater from Dutch based brand Green Paper Boys -also know by it’s shorter name GPB. The “Hustle Hard”-sweater from their ‘Dingin’ collection comes in heather grey and is made of 100% high quality Indonesian cotton. Not only do you as a wearer benefit from this cool urban shirt, also the local community in Indonesia, where the sweater is produced, benefits from your purchase. As I discovered GPB reserves a part of the profit for charity activities in Indonesia. Next to that they gift local children a ‘charity pack’ per item sold. Intended to stimulate children to do well in school and motivate them to aspire their dreams. A real case of feel good fashion.

The “Hustle Hard”-sweater in ‘Heather Grey’ available in sizes XS to XL for €69,95 
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  1. I have to agree with you, this sweater has something to it :) I love it! And even more knowing the way the brand operates :) Great choice!! Kisses!


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  3. Very cool photos!

  4. Ik vind hem gaaf! Super goede kado tip voor de boyfriendsss! (als je een beetje humor hebt natuurlijk hi hi! X)