Tuesday, April 8, 2014

CRAVING | Pop of White

With sporty being a hit for quite some time now, I see myself more and more falling for sports inspired garments. Therefore I decided to share my wishlist for coming summer with you guys. 
[1] Sporty Shirt from Hood by Air 
I cound´t even post a cravings list without an item from Hood by Air on it. From the moment I saw the designs of Shayne Oliver on Tumblr I was sold. The mixture between raw, unisex and streetwear is a big hit and certainly a way of dressing I admire. 

[2] Trouser Skirt from Zara 
To continue with the above descibed style, I had to share with you another recent obsession of mine, the trouser/skirt for men. I am just loving this gender combing garment and I can’t wait to try one on myself.

[3] White Fake Leather Jacket from Zara
[4] White with Black Print skirt from Phillip Lim
A little rock and roll in your wardrobe never hurt no body, so a white leather jacket had to make a comeback on my wish list, together with this very cool graphic shirt from Phillip Lim. I do own a white biker jacket at the moment, you may have seen we wear it here, but I would love to have a leather version. 

[5] Orange Bare Acces 3 Sneakers from Merrel
As black and white will always remain my timeless favorites I was happily surprised to find myself falling in love with these orange Merrel sneakers. They can give an outfit the right amount of ‘color’ to make your outfit pop. As I tend to wear a lot of black these days, it would be the perfect way of showing my inner colorful personality. Not only are these ‘bare walkers’ fashionable, they also fit in the latest running trend, ´Bare running´. Which not only promises to keep you grounded by the light weight materials used, but also helps you run more natural which in the end should be better for you. 

[6]HUDSON OffWhite Sunglasses from MYKITA
[7]White GD-X6900FB-7ER  Watch From G-Shock.
[8]Black Leather Backpack from Phillip Lim 
We all know accessories are a must in every wardrobe so to top this list off I selected these 3 accessories as my current must have. They are sport inspired, guaranteed summer proof and most importantly easy to style.

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