Wednesday, June 25, 2014

REVIEW | The Shavedoctor

As someone who has (and still is) struggling with shaving on a daily basis, I was happily surprised when I was asked to review the new product line of UK based brand ‘The Shavedoctor. As I have been dealing with shaving irritations for quite some time now I couldn’t wait to test out these products to see if they would be of any help.

The first thing I notices when receiving the goods, besides from the bright orange packaging, orange has never been my favorite color, I first noticed how well the brand provides information about their products. With the products came a little booklet explaining things such as the purpose, ingredients and facts about of several products. Besides that you can find a lot of information on the brands website and they even offer wet shaving courses in the UK.

They also made me aware that shaving is not only a one step procedure. There are things to be aware of before, during and after shaving.

The first thing they advice you to do is before shaving to scrub. The Shavedoctor wash scrub is a nice and refreshing scrub. It really helps to soften the skin and helped me to reduce my ingrowing hairs a lot. I do have to add that even tough it is effective I would not advice to use it daily as I find the scrub to be a bit aggressive with every day usage.

The second step and the second product from their 6 items counting grooming line, is to choose the right shaving oil or crème. As someone who has gone trough many shaving gels and crème’s I was pretty pleased with their shaving oil which was moisturizing my skin while shaving and did not dry out my skin as much as other shaving gels.

I did try out their shaving crème, but I in general don’t like to use shaving creams as I find that they dry out my skin too much in general.

Next to the shave itself, the care for your skin after shaving is as important as shaving itself.

The aftershave cooling gel and moisturizer, together with the shave oil, were my favorite products from the line. Besides from the perfume in the moisturizer , I prefer to use perfume free moisturizers as I find perfume irritating on the skin, the moisturizer just works perfectly. It’s not to heavy or to light and just gives your skin the well needed energy it looses while shaving. One of the best available on the market, even better then my (heavily perfumed) Rituals moisturizer.

After testing these products for a week I must say in general I am impressed by the products and the effect they have on my skin.

I would definitely recommend them to people with either a dark complexion or a  sensitive skin as the products and the quality is very good.  But I do see improvement as I would love to have these product perfume free and the packaging more stylish, I wouldn’t mind a stylish dark grey/orange combination or even a metallic packaging in stead of the plastic, besides from that I would have labeled the Shavedoctor product line as one of the best available.

Want to try out the products for yourself? The entire ’ The Shave Doctor’ grooming products are now available at Kruidvat here in Holland.  
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  1. Leuke review! Ik vind de foto's ook heel gaaf bij die stalen trap. Heb je die zelf gemaakt?
    En wel gewaagd om te zeggen dat je niet zo van oranje houdt hoor, zeker in deze tijd! ;)