Friday, August 29, 2014


This week, after a little buzz, the first Hope store finally opened it's doors outside of Scandinavia. The honor went to my beloved Amsterdam to house this 125m2 brand shop that will not only contain Hope’s Woman, Man, Shoes, Accessories collections but will also feature products form their Interior Accessories line.
For the interior of the building HOPE has chosen to try out something new. As Ann Ringstrand, Co-Founder/Brand Director/Designer of Hope expresses: We are modernizing and innovative thinking regarding the relationship between the room and the décor. We like the idea of not attaching any furniture to the walls and to be agile. The room is decorated with art on wall panels and the interior is mobile. For the shop decoration we have made a cooperation with Dutch Designer Petra Blaisse and her team from Inside Outside to create ´SWEDISCH MODERN´ the interior design concept in our Amsterdam Brand Store.
The reason for choosing Amsterdam was not only because of the growing market here in the Netherlands, as Ann Ringstrand goes on to explains: We experience a possibility to make a significant contribution to the Dutch market with our Hope Brand. Our distinctiveness, within the field of Fashion, is the focus on fashion and function using good design to simplify everyday life.

The HOPE Brand store is located in the trendy nine streets of Amsterdam at Hartenstraat 26.
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  1. Such a beautiful store! I think the layout of the store does a lot for the shopping experience. I don't know if it is because I am almost Scandinavian (a Finn), but the interior design feels close to my heart. :) xx

  2. De winkel is prachtig ingericht. Mooie & rustige uitstraling <3