Monday, December 8, 2014


The holiday season is officially started here in Holland with last week the celebration of Sinterklaas. With less than two weeks to go until Christmas and let’s face it, besides from the well-deserved holiday vacation you are craving, you almost forgot about this (you’re welcome.) I already briefly gave some tips on how to dress for the holiday season here, yet you are still left with a bunch of questions. Like what to buy this year for your friends and family. A Good question and one I am going to try to answer. While you might think you could still get away with gifting everyone soap gift sets, like you did last year and the year before, I want to broaden you horizons and in this article I’m giving you 7 gift ideas I personally like to inspire you for this year’s holiday season.
Smirnoff Gold Cinnamon Vodka
Let’s first start with a drink. What better way to gift someone a little joy during the Christmas season. The Smirnoff Gold is a blend of their iconic No.21 triple distilled vodka with a hint of natural cinnamon flavouring and edible 23 carat gold leaves. That’s right EDIBLE GOLD. These gold leaves have been innovatively designed to remain suspended throughout the liquid, creating an stunning look not only in the bottle but in your drink as well.  Smirnoff Gold Vodka 70CL €23.99
 Buddy Tantino Shaving kit
This shaving kit from Buddy Tantino not only looks the part, it also includes some cool shaving products that actually work. The gift box contains four professional barber products, the Italian Brushless Shaving Paste, the Best Barber After Shave Balm, the Old School Blended Cologne and 24/7 Finest Crafted Cream. All products are made ​​from the highest quality natural ingredients that ensure the ultimate shaving experience and optimal skin care. Buddy Tantino Gift Box € 49.95 
TRIWA Golden Lansen
Men also love their arm candy and for me I love to look stylish, modern and sophisticated. The Gold Lansen from TRIWA’s latest line gives you all of this. The watch features a gold sunray dial with a high contrast navy blue second hand, circular gold hour index markers and minute/second markers in navy and white. The stylish watch features an one-piece navy blue canvas strap with detailing in organic navy blue leather by Swedish tannery Tärnsjö and is water resistance up to 5 ATM.  By it’s Swedish contemporary design mixed with thoughtful curated materials this watch is easy to combine, modern and timeless without being boring. TRIWA Golden Lansen €175.00
WOO Christmass Giftsets
I love, love love WOO candle!. I have been a fan of their products for over a year now and for the holiday season they have come out with some cool gift sets. For me the most exciting thing about their gift sets, besides the insanely smelling candles ( I am hooked on Radiance and Tranquility) but you can customize the sets to the receivers likings. They for example have the WOO NIGHTLIFE gift set containing the signature Vodka Botteled Candle with 25 burning hours, a WOO Laroo Beer Botteled Candle, amber color, with 50 burning hours, Seeds & Tea Garden - grow you own private tea in a recyceled teabag, handmade in India and Portugese high-quality olive oil from the UNESCO region Quinta de Barroca. Maybe Olive oil is not your thing, then you could easily switch it for a fair trade DOC Prosecco or Shalom 100% Arabica coffee. The choice is yours, what ever you buy from them, you are guaranteed that each  product has its roots in areas where local resources, skills and traditions are transformed to create new opportunities, making it twice as fun to gift. WooNightlife € 49,95
Bulgari Man in Black
I discovered this fragrance a couple of week ago and directly fell in love. Men in Black is the latest addition to the Bulgari Man portfolio and is the  perfect blend of contrasts. The top notes consist of rum, cardamom and cinnamon provide which gives the perfume a vibrant addictiveness (I call it the warm heart of the fragrance), while the leathery floral heart of tuberose contributes to the sophistication of the fragrance. The black amber and a leather accord on top give the perfume a warm and distinctive scent I very much adore. The perfume for me summarized in 3 words is: Sophisticated alienesque sensuality. Oh and their campaign video is just to cool to hide from you guys  BVLGARI MAN IN BLACK eau de parfume spray 100ml €80.00 
To Stay in the fragrance scene, the next one on the list is the very fresh smelling GUESS Night Life. The fresh smelling woody fougere fragrance is wrapped up with cedarwood and patchouli, stirred up by sparkling grapefruit, hot pepper and exciting geranium. This all gives this fragrance an effortless smell. Perfect for going out, first time perfume buyers or when you’re not completely sure what kind of fragrance your sports buddies loved again.  GUESSNIGHT €25.00 
Grand Marnier  Limited Edition Bottle 2014
We stared this article with a drink and we are going to finish with one as well. During the holidays Grand Marnier has launched their new Limited Edition bottle inspired by  a modern form of French creativity celebrated in a fresh, playful way. This bottle, influenced by the French Touch, features red transparent glass which is a tribute to the famous red of the brand in all its glory. The blue, white and red stripes are a creative reinterpretation of the famous French colors , but with a touch of Grand Marnier. The stylish , fashionable design sophisticated new seal on the bottle is simple , yet characteristic. This drink not only looks the part, You know how I love beautiful packaging, it is on this list because of it's exiting rich taste. A drink you not only will love to give, but one the receiver will enjoy sharing. Well at least that's what I would want....   Grand Marnier  Limited Edition Bottle 2014 €23,99


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